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Lord loves a workin' man, don't trust Whitey, see a doctor and get rid of it.

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Birthdate:Jul 15
Location:Georgia, United States of America

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unclebill35 is my husband, anitavacation is my sister and lno is my Arch-Nemesis. I don't know who the hell these other people are.

If you want to add me to your friends list, go ahead. You don't have to ask my permission. I may not add you back, so please don't get your feelings hurt.

Oh, and I swear a lot. If you're offended by profanity, my journal may not be for you.

Some of my favorite causes and other fun stuff:

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Love your enemies in case your friends turn out to be a bunch of bastards.
--R.A. Dickson

A person can take only so much comforting.
--Calvin Trillin

A good many dramatic situations begin with screaming.

I've been ionized, but I'm okay now.
--Buckaroo Banzai

I know that there are people in this world who do not love their fellow man, and I hate people like that.
-Tom Lehrer
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